Mochimochi Land on Knit.1 and Craft Magazine Blogs


Mochimochi Land was just featured on the blogs of both Knit.1 Magazine


… and Craft Magazine! If you’re not familiar, Knit.1 is a newish knitting magazine for crafty hipsters, and I think Craft Magazine needs no introduction. I’m thrilled to have caught their eyes with my free pattern for knitted grass. A big thank you to both of them!

I’m now soaking up some sun in Okinawa, but regular posts will resume in a few.

8 thoughts on “Mochimochi Land on Knit.1 and Craft Magazine Blogs

  1. YAY! I saw you (well, not YOU…but some cutey patoot grass) on the Knit.1 blog this morning!! How cool! You go on with your bad knitty self ;-)

  2. That’s AWESOME! I think it’s funny how Mochimochi (and not Anna?) has become the creator of said featured creations. You are on your first step to becoming a knitting empire, it seems.

  3. hooray! i was so excited when i saw you on the Craft blog! off to see knit.1 right now… congratulations!! :)

  4. Yay! I loved your Grass pattern and have now saved you in my RSS reader. Looking forward to keeping up with your new projects! :)

  5. Glad to see you are enjoying Japan! I finished Pepto a few days ago but wasn’t able to upload his photos due to a unfortunate events at my school last week. I am uploading them to the Mochi Mochi Friends Flickr group.

  6. Thank you, everyone! It’s really cool to get web recognition, in addition to great regular supporters like you all.

    Miki, thank you for uploading the photos! They’re so creative. I’ve been reading your blog and keeping you and your community in my thoughts and prayers.

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