19 thoughts on “Little No-Name

  1. I don’t know what it’s called either! I looked up words on google and it looks like it’s called a float ball. poor little creature sure has a thankless task. maybe “Little No-Name” is the most fitting name!
    and yessss for free pattern!

  2. Uhhhh, free pattern… :D (Said in a very Gollum-esque way… :-p )

    Yup, that’s a float ball… it’s used to keep the water level ok in the toilet tank…
    He’s a lovely… ummmm….floaty? (I know, I know, lame name… :-p )

  3. Ok, this is going to be gross, but when I saw it I thought of the squeezy things you use to suck snot out of little kids noses. I’m not even sure if they make it anymore. But in any case, he looks like a Nosey to me!

  4. i would call him bob. because he floats… buh-dump-chump!

    although “snouty mcfloatball” also came to mind! as did “the unsinkable flush’em down”… erm, yeah, really. it’s not easy being this dorky… my apologies to all! ;)

    he is totally adorable, Anna!

  5. he is too cute. How about Ty D? As in the tidy bowl man. Maybe i am dating myself…
    I would definatly like a free pattern for June.

  6. lol! I love the name “bob!” It brings back all sorts of memories about funny jokes involving water and what do you call people who float on it. He looks very cute especially the fuzzy chenille yarn you knit him with.

    The most charming feature about Little No-Name is his snout. It is definitely his most unique characteristic and makes him cute in that it is almost as big as he is! Looking at him makes me think of the words “snouty, snouter, snuffles.” He would sound quiet nasally if he could speak dont you think? oh, this brings back childhood memories of Aloysius Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street! His sister was called Alice so maybe this guy can be a cousin and be called…urm..something that begins with an A? “Aldo” “Alberto” or maybe just Snuffy?

  7. So many good choices! I do like Bob (it made me laugh), though I have to say my first thought was what my southern relatives call the toilet: Terlet.

  8. I say yes please to the freebie, and thank you. He’s delightful, and cute. Although I know now, I’ve had to sacrifice the freebie Mochi Ball you were considering…bugger!

    No name for the little guy comes to mind at this stage. I have recently seen something similar elsehere on the internet however.

    Though it also comes to mind that everyone is more familiar with what is in their toilet systems, than I do, I have no idea, I don’t care, I’m not interested, I just take it for granted that it works efficiently. But a couple of years ago, I had a washer go and I had water spraying up and out of the top of the system everywhere, every time I flushed. Used the toilet a few times before I ever noticed the water everywhere….Duh!

  9. Thank you so much, everyone, for the awesome name suggestions! It’s difficult to choose, but I think I might actually have to go with “Bob”: it’s short, sweet and, in this case, descriptive!

    The pattern in its final, polished form will be coming sometime in June. (Can anyone say “Bob-along”?)

  10. You probably won’t believe this, but in the UK that’s called a ballcock. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_cock You probably don’t want to call it that on your Free Patterns page. And yes, people here make jokes about it every time they have to refer to it.

    I have just come to your site from Jean Miles’s blog and I love it. I can’t wait to knit some grass.

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