My New Favorite Tee

I got this t-shirt in Japan a couple of weeks ago.


It’s from a store called Graniph that I love. They’re always chock-full of t-shirts with designs by the most cutting-edge artists from around the world, and this time, I was happy to find that some (not all) of their shirts were made of a softer material than usual. My pink purchase is one of these soft ones, and features a design by German artist Jon Frickey. Kinda cute, kinda scary – I love it.

And I just learned that Reed Space in New York is carrying Graniph tees for a limited time. Cool!

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Tee

  1. Hi Anna,
    I totally admit: I was just googling my name, and you were one of my first hits… so here I am writing to you –
    Thanks for wearing the t, hope it doesn’t shrink,
    greetings from Berlin

    (I’d actually like one of those t-shirts myself)

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