Think Yuck

This post is a reminder to everyone not to be fooled by pretty packaging.


I picked up this little number the other day in our downstairs convenience store because of its matte, minty-green wrapper, its eco-friendly aura, and because I was hungry.

I don’t claim to be an energy bar connoisseur, but this had to be the worst thing I had tasted in a long time. It tasted like someone had taken the fig filling from of a Fig Newton and left it out to dry in the sun for a couple days, then marinated it overnight in alfalfa sprout juice, then sprinkled it with mild onion powder, then added molasses so that they could call it “chocolate chip”. And it got turned completely black somewhere along the way too. But you’ll notice on the package that not one drop of gluten went into the making of this energy bar – THANK GOD. (By the way, I just found the wrapper again in the trash and looked over the real ingredients – they’re way worse than my make-em-up scenario, if you can believe that. But hey, no gluten!)

I’ll never make that mistake again. If I can convince just one other person to never try this energy bar, then it will all have been worth it.

Now here is a bar that I can really get behind:


Maybe the Nature’s Path Granola Bar isn’t an “energy bar” in the purest sense, but unlike the aforementioned scam, it’s edible. And you’ll notice that this one is wheat free. Thank God.

7 thoughts on “Think Yuck

  1. lol….you have no idea how many times i have been fooled by pretty advertisement and a claim of “it’s good for you” when it comes to health-food. I once bought a vegan snickerdoodle cookie for Vinh (he loves them!) but whatever make snickerdoodle cookies good is apparently what makes it so bad for you because when he ate the cookie it was all dry and crumbly and tasted like a mouthful of flour! I was so disappointed :(.

    I think a major component of health food that turns non-health stuff into healthy (like chocolate and cookies) is that they take out the bad stuff which leaves it all dried out.

  2. Give me a chocolate Tim Tam anyday. But I do love lollies, and chockies, cakes, biscuits, sticky buns, chips, twisties, etc etc too!

    But, I can’t stop at one, so I don’t start. Bugger!

    Those health foods are boring, uninteresting and all taste bland to me and I can stop at one…one was enough to tell me never again.

  3. it’s a good thing you posted this, because i went grocery shopping last night and there they all were, a whole entire *section* of prettily packaged yuck-bars!
    haha! i laughed out loud right there in the middle of the aisle…

  4. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog!! I almost bought those bars at Whole Foods the other day!!! I am so happy I didn’t. Thanks for the warning!!!!

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