Today I discovered an incorrect link in the Gallery section of Mochimochi Land! I thought I had been directing people to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group, where everyone (including you!) can share photos of toys they’ve knitted from Mochimochi Land patterns, but it turns out that it was the wrong link all this time.

There I was, with about 7 members of my extended family gathered around the computer. I clicked on the link to show them the great photos people had taken, and I clicked, then clicked again, and well, it was just a little embarrassing.

But now the link is fixed! So hopefully even more people will check out the great photos and add more of their own. For example, who knows how many people have missed seeing this funny photo by Mikkers:


Her Grass wishes he were cabbage. Or maybe he’s trying to disguise himself. Either way, it’s super-cute.

So if you have a Mochimochi Land toy you’d like to share, please join the group!

7 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Oh dear, and I thought it was just me or the computer…Nevermind, al sorted now. Us eager buyers and knitters of your clever, delightful patterns are very proud of you and all your efforts anyway. Have a safe trip and restful holiday.

  2. Whoops! I too thought that the misdirected link was just my computer. Silly me! But I totally love posting my photos to the Mochi Mochi Friends Group. I am so glad you loved the cabbage shot! My local hardware store was selling a wheelbarrow full of them and I thought that Mr. Grass would like to cheer them up a bit as they were kinda wilty.

  3. Cabbage at a hardware store? I guess I wouldn’t but that either. Anyway, love the pic.

    Faye, I hope you will share some photos of your knits someday!

  4. No camera, no scanner…..so no can do…they are sent off each month, I only hang onto prototypes as I call them.

  5. Anna,

    Well, the hardware store is a local mom-and-pop one where they sell everything from nuts and bolts to local produce, rocking chairs, and soap. So it’s not unusual to see some leafy vegetable being sold in a wheelbarrow that just came from someone garden :).

    Faye, I too send off most of my knits to other people. I find it more enjoyable when people really find a use for things that I just knit to pass the time.

  6. Ok, I must confess that I, too, thought it was my own computer’s glitch or my lack of computer skills that caused the link problem all this time. Sorry I didn’t say something, but I thought, ‘Who am I to question Anna and John on anything about computers?’

  7. It’s so comforting to hear that people are willing to blame my mistakes on their own incompetence!

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