Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse are here!


O frabjous day!

The pattern for Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse is now in the Mochimochi Shop!

This is the first interactive toy in Mochimochi Land – Mischievous Mouse can crawl into Sleepy Snake’s belly, and back out again. (Don’t try this at home, all you naughty mice!)

A-L-S-O, today is the debut of our new shopping cart system in the shop! We hope it will make buying Mochimochi Land patterns more fun and easy for all of us.

7 thoughts on “Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse are here!

  1. haha. they are super. good thing that mouse can crawl out again, not like the poor elephant inside the snake in “the little prince” (who looked like a hat from outside). hope his toupee doesn´t fall off, though.

  2. YEAH! I’ve been waiting for this pattern for what seems like ages. WEEE!

  3. Thanks for the pattern, well worth waiting for as per usual. Commend you on new shopping cart/purchase system.

    many thanks

  4. Thank you, everyone, for your patience waiting for Snake and Mouse! I hope I get to see everyone’s when they’re completed.

    Annie, I LOVE Saint-Exupéry’s elephant-in-snake! That would be so much fun to try to make. Hmmm….

  5. I’m about half way done with the mouse. Will send you pics as soon as I’m done.. So excited ! (and my 3-year old keeps asking when I’ll be finished too !!)

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