Broken Lamp Update

Remember how my lamp was broken? Well, it’s still broken, but now I have a lovely DIY solution to fixing a broken lamp:


See, I took a clip-on light that I had lying around, and CLIPPED IT ON to my broken lamp! Genius, right? Actually, it’s taking a long time to replace the lamp because the discussion about what to replace it with has turned into an all-out war of aesthetics and lifestyle in this household.

I never expected that buying a new lamp could cause so much strife. Then again, I never expected to lust for a $10000 lamp, either, but this one from Moss is a must-have for me now:


Manufactured in Belgium, it’s made of wood and polyurethane-coated paper mache, and printed with little black bugs. So cool!

I’m a reasonable person, so I also found another suitable lamp for 1/10th the price of the bug lamp. This one’s a steal at just $1K:


Gorgeous curves, no? Available at the click of just a few buttons from Jonathan Adler….

Back on Earth, Crate&Barrel has this lovely table lamp, which comes in an even lovelier light green in store:


Unfortunately, the charming Charlotte lamp called into question our design choices for the entire apartment. Suddenly, tables would have to be bought, other perfectly good lamps thrown out, and large pieces of artwork replaced.

Dreaming about a stunning new lamp is fun, but keeping a marriage together probably has more potential for long-term fun. So for now, lighting is a taboo subject, and my little makeshift clip-a-lamp is serving me well.

13 thoughts on “Broken Lamp Update

  1. Ah yes. Just wait till you start trying to pick paint colors for the walls…

    That Crate and Barrel lamp is lovely.

  2. “Suddenly, tables would have to be bought, other perfectly good lamps thrown out, and large pieces of artwork replaced.”

    That totally cracked me up! I think my husband would have issues if I was considering a 10k lamp, it’d almost be fun to pull his chain on that one to see his reaction. lol. Love your clip on lamp for the time being, very inventive!

  3. Not to renew a touchy subject but have you checked out Philippe Starck’s designs? His Miss K lamps have a classic shape but modern materials and attitude. And it comes in several colors and is only around $200. A drawback is that it is a table rather than a floor lamp but you seem to be heading that way anyway.

    The Moss lamp is gorgeous.

  4. I am not going to weigh in on this one. Except to say you both have great style. See you soon!

  5. lol. While the bug lamp kinda creeps me out, I must say I do adore the Adler lamp. Perhaps a new renovation is in order?


  6. Every visit to IKEA on my DH’s and my part results in a visit to the lighting section and much, much debate. And the lamps are all so inexpensive, why should it matter?! But that’s the way of it. :)

  7. That seems like a tight corner where floor and table surface space is at a premium. Perhaps a wall sconce might be your best bet. Plain. With an non-controversial white shade. Don’t want to break up a marriage or anything….

  8. I still say take it to an electrician and get a quote on getting your lamp repaired……Things are made to break these days, not like they did in the good old days….I pity poor hubby, bless him, he does try….

  9. Yeah, I think an electrician might cost more than the lamp originally did, unfortunately. If only we lived closer to my dad!

    Target lamp has taught us that it might be best to just buy something that will last a bit longer from the get-go.

  10. I also have a clip on / broken light.

    My goal is to find a place in New York that will fix all my broken electronics.

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