WEBoggle Addict

If you haven’t checked out WEBoggle, the online version of the popular Hasbro game lately (or at all), then now is a good time to do so. Evan Simpson, the creator and administrator of WEBoggle, has recently added a second board to keep it from breaking. Yay!

He’s also now blogging here, where can tell him how much you are addicted to his game and why you think “poo” should be an acceptable word. Also, he is now accepting donations to keep the site running. We should all give him money.


Admit it – just the sight of this board makes your heart rate speed up a little. One of the great advantages of WEBoggle over regular Boggle is that you can enter as many guesses as you like, and you won’t get punished for guessing words that aren’t really words (like “poo”). This makes the game a bit more of a frenzied affair than the physical version. And unlike the physical version, there are no noisy letter dice to rattle around in a plastic container, only to have them all land on their edges and in need of extra adjustment before you begin playing.

By the way, my WEBoggle name is “silly bean.” (Anyone else brave enough to share their secret WEBoggle addict name?)

6 thoughts on “WEBoggle Addict

  1. I use Moxie is so smart. I like to beat Peggy Hill and Donna of Maspath, NY. I thought bubbleshooter was fun but this game works your brain so at least it doesn’t feel like a waste of time.

  2. Look for me, Wordnurse, quite consistently in the bottom half of players. I can take it. And how can I be jealous of Sillybean (always in the top 4th) when I taught her all there was to know about Boggle when she was 6? Don’t even ask about SB’s husband–the original wordnerdgenious, usually clicking along in the top 10th of maybe 120 players. And why isn’t “hee” a word? It’s been used in the comics for 75 years.

  3. oh goodness. I first scoffed an an online boogle game…but I played one game and now I’m hooked! Oh no! I can’t stop playing. *hangs head* I am addicted.

    I usually only get about 20 points…but maybe if I keep trying :).

  4. I never play, but I have often seen Moxie, The Smartest Dog in the World, playing under the moniker “Moxie #1 Smart K-9.”

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