Knitted Toilet Paper


For some reason, I’m finding my bathroom to be endlessly inspiring lately. Maybe it’s time to get out of the house a little more.


This completely non-utilitarian knit features “perforated” sheets and a “cardboard” core.


If it were made longer, I suppose it could be a scarf (which could double as a Halloween costume—toilet-papered tree, perhaps?). But definitely not for below-the-belt use!

Update 8/28/07: Due to all the interest, I’ve decided to make this a free pattern—stay tuned!

24 thoughts on “Knitted Toilet Paper

  1. Hahaha, this is genius! :-D

    I’m not entirely sure if I would be so daring to wear it as a scarf. Especially rolling it up in public would make it a great conversation piece.

    Will you also make flowered and perfumed versions? ;-)

  2. OMIGOD! i love it! :D
    my dad was an engineer at scott paper company (back in the day, before they were bought out) and he had a lot to do with designing/building the machines that make your TP (if you want to know how they figured out how to make cottonelle soft, he’s your man). so if i could knit toilet paper it would be keeping with the family tradition… heehee hee! ;)

  3. ok, now i am definitely making one for a scarf! it would be the must have college accessory that would be awesome! how did you make the perforations?

  4. Hey, thanks for the nice comments!

    Miki, the perforations were achieved with a simple row of eyelets.

  5. That is so funny. I love the expression on his face – that totally makes him.

    Maybe someone could go all meta and design a toilet paper roll cover that looked like this guy…so it’s a roll of (knitted) toilet paper covering a roll of the “real” stuff.

  6. Actually, I only wipe with handknit *cashmere*

    You mean there are people out there who just use paper? Ha!


  7. I LOVE this! I want to wear one! How great would it be to walk in all serious at the office with this thing on. Ha ha!

  8. But of course! bathrooms ARE endlessly inspiring. There is even this fantastic 1985 movie by Peter Greenaway “Inside Rooms: 26 Bathrooms, London & Oxfordshire” to make the point clear. One of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen.

    Your post is inspiring.

    check this :)


  9. Hi gil, your daughter is adorable!

    You’re close about the meaning of mochimochi—at least, you have the right language. I discuss what it means (and what it means to Mochimochi Land) here. (The greeting word you’re thinking of is “moshimoshi.”)

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