The Flyer That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

Think is a cafe on Mercer street with a mission: to serve up expensive drinks with a decidedly un-Starbucksian sneer and to… make you think about things.

At least recently, I must say job well done to them with the latter after spotting this flyer on one of their community boards:


It’s a flyer for flyers! And it’s so ugly! If you had a service distributing flyers, don’t you think you would at least try to make your own flyer eye-catching? So far, it appears to have caught the eyes of two people, and in both of those instances, it looks like neither person ripped off the complete telephone numbers. Hmm….

Also, if your chosen profession were to skillfully distribute flyers in New York, I’d think you would consider DISTRIBUTING your own flyers? Well, to be fair, standing out on the hot street handing out flyers is really a pain—better to find someone else to do it for you.

4 thoughts on “The Flyer That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

  1. Two thoughts:

    First: one thing I really loathed about living in a city (and am glad I do not have to put up with now) are the pamphleteers who would stand on the street and shove ads for WHATEVER in your direction. Or they’d tuck them under the windshield wipers of your car (which generally just contributed to litter, as most people just pulled them off and threw them on the ground).

    Second: when I was in college and they would tell people about making these things with the little tear-tabs of phone numbers on them (like if you were offering tutoring services), the general advice was “tear off one or two of the tabs before you put it up, so it looks like people are using your service.” Maybe that’s what the flyer-dude did – tore off his own tabs so it looked like his advert was working.

  2. Good thoughts. I’m pretty sure you’re right about the Flyer Man tearing off his own tabs. But you’d think he’d try to be a little more convincing! Kind of like a street performer throwing a dime into his guitar case to get things rolling. It’s got to be at least a doller, right?

  3. lol, I would never have thought of tearing off a few tabs of my flyer! That is such an awesome idea though.

    of course, nowadays the thing to do is post a flyer on the internet, so the paper things are really going out of fashion. What I really hate are those flyers stuck under your car windshield wipers. I never notice them until I’m on the road and then it’s too late to take them off, but they flap, flap in the wind and it drives you crazy!

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