Woodins Pattern in Knitty!


I am so excited to announce that I now have a pattern published in the Fall 07 issue of Knitty! It’s for the mysterious forest creatures known as Woodins, who live in fallen trees in the thickets of Central Park. It features a knitted hollow log with spooky eyes for the Woodins to hide in. I hope you enjoy the pattern!

A big thank you to Amy for encouraging me to submit a pattern to her fabulous Knitty. And big thank yous to my mother-in-law Bonney for testing and my good friend Makiko for taking the gorgeous photo above. And one more thank you to Amy for sneaking the Woodins into the banner of the issue (take a good look at the right side)!


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  1. I came to your site from Knitty and I think the woodins’ pattern is just great; but your snake and mouse pattern made me laugh out loud! It’s wonderful and reminds me of my pet snake, Mortimer, and his tea! Thank you so much!

  2. Omg! I squeed so much that I think I definitely should go lie down on the bed for a moment! I was just browsing through knitty and I said “hey, this looks like what anna does!” and I checked the name and it was you!

    I am so happy and proud and exciting and thrilled and…oh my! Congratulations!! You are on your way to publishing your first book! Your creativity is always an inpiration!

  3. I’m kinda sad for me, b/c I loved your site before. But I’m very happy for you. I love the woodins, and all of your creatures. Sometimes I just come here to get a smile.

  4. Just saw this on Knitty and its cuteness is undeniable. Woodins are nothing less than Miyazaki-esque, and I think you need to let him know about them so he can insert some into his next project. Your imagination is wonderful! I’m so glad you submitted!

  5. I love this pattern, absolutely love it. Your blog is such a wonderful inspiration. I just placed an order for the yarn just to make this design. Congrats on making it to Knitty!!!

  6. I came from knitty,and I bought your little rings pattern. I needed a little something to knit for my friend who is having a baby in January. Perfect!

  7. I actually went to Knitty first and saw the Woodins picture… and i thought how cute!!! (and how familiar!) Lo and Behold, it’s another of your great creations! I can’t wait to make some as soon as I can find the right yarns! :D

  8. Congrats!! I just saw this over on knitty and came straight over here. Love it, and you look super cute with rainy cloud above you in the about the designer area!

  9. I lurve your cutey patterns – they are sooooooo lovely – my son will go mad for them. I’m so excited and can’t wait to start! There’s so many I like – the luvgun especially. Thanks for submitting to Knitty.

  10. I saw them on Knitty last night but couldn’t decide where to comment.
    They are gorgeous Anna, Congrats.
    As for the wool I always use Cadcade 220 for felting although I think it’s classed as Worsted.

  11. I saw you on knitty, and love your creatures…I’m only sorry my son, who went to early ed at a Waldorf school, is too old for it…he’d have LOVED the woodins! But, a Waldorf friend is expecting a baby…

    I looked down to see your first quilt. That is GREAT for a first attempt! You are right not to care about misaligned squares. That will come with practice, and reading a few quilt books for technique…you can’t learn it all at once, after all! Not sewing over your fingers is important, after all. Besides, if you give a perfect quilt to a new baby, the parents won’t use it…and _I_ want my baby quilts (and knitted blankets) to get used, spat up upon, washed and loved, don’t you?

    Now I’m gonna go look at your other patterns!

  12. Hi! I’m here from Knitty, and what a wonderful discovery! You’re on my feeds now. As for yarn, won’t Knitpicks Wool of the Andes be a good sub? You don’t have to buy as much of it as you would with Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride or Cascade 220. I have a new niece and am definitely going to make the Woodins and their log.

  13. Such adorableness!! I think my smallest friend (she’ll be 18 months at Christmas) and my nephew (he’ll be 19 months at Christmas) will each be getting some Woodins. Fun fun fun!! And huge congratulations to you for getting such an awesome pattern published. Well deserved!

  14. Hi Anna! I saw your pattern on Knitty yesterday and I was thrilled for you! Thank you for making your patterns available! I just love them. :)

  15. i’m so excited for you! we were scrolling thru knitty last night and as we opened the pattern we shouted ‘that’s a mochimochi!!!!’. yay!

  16. Wow! What a great spread in Knitty! I love that they published so many angles of the Woodins and the log. What a great, great piece. I love that they are stackable, I bet they love it too. Congratulations!

  17. hooray, Anna! the woodins are just the cutest…. the perfect meld of Miyazaki and Hrachovec! i can’t wait to make them! i actually saw them in the banner right off and went racing straight to the patterns to find out what i already knew… that they came from you! ;D

    everyone else out there: i loooove knitting Anna’s patterns and i’ve used knitpicks wool of the andes with the elann and find them very similar! elann’s highland wool is loftier, but the gauge is the same (for me anyway!). i’ve also used brown sheep lamb’s pride worsted and cascade 220 on larger needles which naturally makes a larger end-critter, but if you’re okay with that they work great!

  18. heeheeheee they are soooo cuuute!!!!!!!!!! My niece is going to love them! You are so creative, I love your work!

  19. I came from Knitty, too – OMGPONIES this is the greatest pattern-for-something-cute I think I’ve ever seen. (And I don’t OMGPONIES for just anyone.) Thanks for submitting it!

    (PS: I also love your bio photo – too cute.)

  20. I’ve been here many times before– I also have the knitted toy bug. I just figured I’d pop over and say CONGRATS jeez, you’re in Knitty now!

    I know you’re beaming :D

  21. Please oh please turn your fantastic talents toward the humble donkey–I would love to knit your version!

  22. Hi there. I’m another who found your blog and website through Knitty. The Woodins are delightful! Thanks for sharing them and other patterns. I am considering which to purchase! The yarn I usually use for felting is Plymouth Galway, which is a worsted, but a lightish one. It would work well too. samm in Canada

  23. Cascade 220 is the best which is available in Canada as well. They have solids, tweeds and heathers that would work for this design. I have got to have some woodins!


  24. I’m going to go knit one now. I’m a little under the weather and a woodin will cheer me right up. Maybe they’ll make my cold go away, too!

    I have white cascade 220 in the stash so I’ll use that. Valley Yarns Northhampton would be great sub (it’s a WEBS house yarn) and comes in great browns.

  25. I found your site through Knitty and fell in love! I knit and crochet and blog, and I haven’t seen any amigurumi websites in knit. (I’m sure they are out there, I just haven’t looked hard enough!) I love your designs and creativity! I can’t wait to make some grass! I look forward to seeing more of your designs.

  26. Congrats, I love this pattern!!! In fact I am in love with all your work. I am working on those cute little sausage dogs right now. :)


  27. Hi everyone!

    Thank you all so much for your wonderfully nice comments! I have been just overwhelmed by the positive response I’ve gotten from the Woodins, and I’m so happy to hear that many of you will be coming back to my site and trying out my other patterns.

    The best thing is hearing from the people who recognized the Woodins as Mochimochi!! I just try to design things that I can fall in love with, and it’s cool to think that it’s also turning into a recognizable style.

    And thank you very much to all of you who offered up yarn suggestions. It’s great to get recommendations for experienced knitters!

    Murrie Dixon, aren’t donkeys sweet? Your suggestion has gotten me thinking about election year projects….

  28. I came via your rainy cloud in Craft magazine and I love your work! I am so excited for you about the Knitty pattern and for me because I love it! I have to make one!! THank you for sharing it with us!

  29. i came from knitty.

    ah!!!!!!!!!! So cute!
    all your patterns make me squeal
    with happiness. thanks for putting
    a smile on my face. so sad I didnt
    know about your blog sooner.

  30. I love your latest pattern. I’ve seen several of your projects and think they are so adorable! Can’t wait to see more of your creations.

    I made my way here via Knitty. Which is awesome because so many others have as well. Shows you how much people love your stuff.

    See you around!

  31. I’ve come here from Knitty, just to say that all your designs are SO incredibly cute!! I’m definitely going to be makeing a family of woodins!

  32. Congratulations on Knitty publication. I LOVE your designs so much. They are defo feel good knits. And shouldnt the world be full of more things that just make you smile. Ive made gun shy and grass so far and they are spreading the smiles arround here. I defo have to do more of the designs and woodins are next. Thanks so much
    Jooles x

  33. wow-
    I just stumbled onto your blog after seeing your adorable pattern on knitty. I love knitting toys! And I am somewhat of an aquarist (is that a word?). Maybe “fishkeeper” is a better term. So I have bookmarked your blog and will be lurking on a regular basis!
    -mary ellen

  34. Cute pattern!

    As for a good sub … I see a lot of suggestions for Cascade 220 but many think it might be heavier. I would like to chime in and say I have used the 2 in the same non-felted project together and they work up the same really. My second pinwheel has both peruvian highland from elann and cascade 220 and it came out beautifully. The friend who received it loves it. While there is a lot more yardage in the 220 it is easily accessible and has a WIDE range of colors. There are others that I have used, but I really think that these 2 are the closest.

    You can see both versions here… http://fairieknits.blogspot.com/2007/07/fo-fridayyou-thought-this-day-would.html

  35. Hi! I came here through Knitty and just had to drop by and comment! These are so adorable, and I’m going to have to bite the bullet and knit me up a few [thousand] of these guys!

    I’d definitely recommend Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, too.

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