lost in gaze

My friend Makiko Sasanuma, as I mentioned before, is the amazing photographer who took excellent shots of my Woodins for Knitty. Her product photography is obviously fantastic, but her personal work is what really blows me away—she works with light and natural elements to create images that make you look at the world from a completely different perspective.

Makiko shared some images from one of her projects with me today.


The project, “lost in gaze,” is a series of photographs that Makiko took of the space between two frosted glass panels. You can see just the faintest hint of what is on the other side of the glass; it’s this momentary act of seeing that she wanted to capture with these images.




When Makiko exhibited these photographs, she tried to recreate the atmosphere in which they were originally taken by covering the space’s glass windows with scrim and leaving a gap to see through.



I absolutely love the simple (but not simple) beauty and depth of this work. You can see more of Makiko’s photographs at her Flickr page.