My Colors Are Back!

I was recently thrilled to see that has at long last renewed their stock of Peruvian Highland Wool.


You may have noticed that I’ve been using this yarn for the majority of my toys. This is primarily because I have a whole lot of it, thanks to my generous mother-in-law. It’s also just a good wool yarn in general—it felts well, it’s not too thin or bulky, and it comes in a nice range of toy-friendly colors. Also, it’s relatively inexpensive.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that it can take a while (a LONG while) for the colors to come back in stock, as I noted back in September when I was frantic for good substitution yarn for the Woodins. Fortunately, there are a lot of great alternatives. But I’m still partial to the Elann yarn, so I recommend that you nab some for yourself while you can!

In other knitting news, Tezzcan just posted the first finished Mochimochi Reindeer to the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr.


He’s so fat ‘n festive! I love him.

Note to Shane: My email to you was returned, so if you could please get in touch with me through a different email address, then I’ll send you your reindeer!

7 thoughts on “My Colors Are Back!

  1. I really love the reindeer! However, I’m on a credit card freeze. :( Do you have any plans to make the reindeer pattern available for purchase at a later date? Yes, I’m the kind of girl who will make knitted reindeer in March.

  2. Glad you like the reindeer! Yes, I’m planning on adding to the shop as a regular pattern come January, so you can make reindeer all year long.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the elann wool. It’s nice to have a color selection… Have they always had the heathers? I’m really liking those.

  4. Yeah, I don’t know if the heathers are new or not, but I ordered some Heather Gray for myself. I can see tons of uses for it!

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