Very Moving

We moved yesterday. It was not the most difficult move ever undertaken—from one floor of our apartment building to another—but it still took a whole day and I still woke up this morning feeling like I had run a marathon. (It’s after noon now and my exhausted spouse isn’t even up yet.)

Moves aren’t pretty.


At least the word “dust bunny” is cute. Without that word, it would just be the disgusting filth that was lurking under our book shelves for two years.

Our new apartment looks almost exactly like our old one, except that it has an extra room. But it otherwise looks so much like it that at the end of the day, we had the eerie feeling of having just worked all day long to end up back in the same place.

In any case, it was worth it. And it would have been worth it just for this:


Or, zoomed in:


The Statue of Liberty, from our living room window, if you look from just the right angle and squint. How cool is that?

12 thoughts on “Very Moving

  1. Very Cool! I always look for The Lady every time I come to NY. Now that I am usually doing the driving, I sometimes miss her because of that whole “keep your eyes on the road” thing! But I still try to catch a glimpse!

  2. dust bunnies always remind me of Tonari no Totoro – so much so that i find myself disappointed when i move my couch the my bunnies aren’t nearly as cute as Miyazaki’s…

    and thank you so much for posting that picture. just looking it at brought a lifetime of memories and happy thoughts bubbling up from the back of my mind (im a displaced born and bred New York).

  3. LOL, I’m sorry but the first thing that I thought of when I saw the pic from your living room window was that you were showing where your new apt was, and that you lived in Dana’s apartment in the “Zule” building from Ghostbusters. Hahaha, I’m such a dork. Grats on the new place!

  4. If only I could be so lucky, meena.

    I’m all for knitted dust bunnies! Will have to think on that one.

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