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Some of you may know my husband John as the fish keeper in the family, or the guy who got his finger sewn up, or the person who responds to your email if you have a question about a purchase in the Mochimochi Shop. He’s also a huge geek.

John is the genuine article— he started teaching the math classes in high school when they ran out of advanced classes for him to take, he wrote his senior thesis in college about Final Fantasy (and narratology), and he’s currently fixing up his prized Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine.

So when John starts up a website devoted to things geek, it’s kind of like a reassurance that all is right in the world.


Geek Out New York is a blog devoted to geek culture, and New York-based geekdom in particular. John thought it would be fun to write a blog with in-depth posts, of both the insightful and nonsense variety, instead of just links to the latest gadgets. Gadgets do make appearances though, along with current geek news, history, and geek-specific event listings. I don’t always get the inside jokes and references, but reading it makes me feel just a little bit like an insider.

So if you or someone you love is a geek, please check it out.

6 thoughts on “Geek Out New York

  1. I’ve been reading Mochimochi for a while and now am almost an instantaneous fan of Geek Out NY. The writing is delightfully funny, but it was the picture of Millard Fillmore with the levitating Men’s Pocky that really sealed the deal. Neat!

  2. A senior thesis on Final Fantasy? That is so awesome! It totally beats my senior thesis on archaeology and purity.

  3. “He’s also a huge geek” – meaning, he’s very much a geek, or he’s a large man, who happens to be geek?

    I joke (I know, mebbe not so funny).

    Great site – I’ll be sure to recommend it to all the geeks in my life (which are frighteningly many…)

  4. Hello,

    Thank you all for your kind comments, and to everyone who visited in the past couple of days. I really appreciate it, as the site is just starting out. And of course thank you to my cute wife for her very nice post!

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