Watch The Martha Stewart Show on Monday

Why? Because I’m going to be on it!

I’m totally serious. The taping of Martha’s knitting and crochet episode was on Wednesday, and I went to be in the audience with my darling mother-in-law. (It was all her idea, so I have her to thank for the experience.)

The show had asked everyone to bring their favorite knitted objects, so I brought along a few toys. After waiting out in 34-degree weather for an hour and a half, the audience was ushered into the holding room, served oatmeal cookies (very Martha), and asked to show what we all brought. My toys were picked out, so they seated me in the front row, put a mike on me, and I got to tell Martha Stewart about my toys on camera! I’m basically the first thing that happens in the show, so be sure to tune in on Monday.

It was completely surreal to speak to Martha Stewart on her show—I remember pretty much nothing about the moment itself, so I’m just hoping that I don’t look like an idiot. What I do remember is how great it was to meet the other audience members (I actually know very few knitters in New York) and talk with some of Martha’s production crew, who were all very nice.

On the show, Martha will make “Sock and Glove” stuffed animals and other fun projects that knitters and non-knitters alike can do. (The audience all received copies of Sock and Glove as a parting gift.) I hope you’ll all try to catch the show and see the television debut of my silly knitted toys!

(This is the photo I quickly took from my seat at the end of the taping)

45 thoughts on “Watch The Martha Stewart Show on Monday

  1. That just freakin’ ROCKS!! Congrats! I’m just sorry I won’t get to see it as we only have one channel and that’s not it. :( What toys did you take with you? What fantastic exposure for your patterns!! You must be so excited. :D

  2. W00T!!

    That’s so darn cool!! I’m sure you rock & there’s no way your knitted toys are silly! Like Wibit I’m in the UK so can’t watch it but I might search youtube next week as you never know.

  3. Congrats, Anna! That is totally awesome and I’ll have the TiVo cued up to catch your big appearance! Move over Xavier Roberts, MochiMochi Land is taking over the cabbage patch!

  4. Hi Anna
    We sat behind you in the waiting room at Martha’s and were so happy to see your toys recognized! They are so Very cute & unique!
    Congrats to you! You don’t have to worry, you did a great job!

  5. Wow! How exciting for you! Looking forward to seeing it, and being able to see just who is behind all of those adorable creations!

  6. That is SO exciting! And almost cooler to be noticed out of the whole crowd than if you had been invited, you know?

    I am going to record it!

  7. Aww, congrats! That’s super cool, though why am I not surprised that your toys got picked? My dad’s store was on Martha’s show a few years ago, and she seems like a really nice, albeit super busy lady. I’ll definitely be watching on Monday. :)

  8. Wow! How terrific is that!!! I’m not the least surprised that your toys were noticed and chosen. They are the greatest! Silly? Well, maybe, but only silly in a delightful gotta make it way! I’m going to see if I can find Martha’s show on Monday so I can see YOU! Way to go Anna!

  9. Yay Anna! That’s so wonderful! Published in Craft and now appearing on Martha…what’s next? Oprah maybe? JK…you’re great and I’m happy to see you and your designs are getting the attention they deserve!

  10. That is so great! I will definitely tune in to see you and your adorable toys.

    BTW According to the TVguide website she is on NBC here in New York.

  11. Thanks a bunch, everyone, for sharing in the excitement! I’m thrilled to hear that so many will try to catch the show. Now all we need is some breaking news to interrupt the program, right?

    Oops, Ellen-Mary, you’re totally right – this show is syndicated. (Just edited that in the post.)

  12. Anna,

    My friends and I were on the show with you. Sammi was sitting next to you and Janice and I were on the opposite end of the row. (I was wearing the orange sweater.) I recognized your vegetable garden toy from the internet and I’m working on the Woodkins pattern for my 16 yr old daughter who loves it. Never realized you were the designer! I have pictures to share of you and the show if you are interested. Send your email.


  13. WOW! Anna on the TV! how exciting to get to TiVo someone i “know”!!! this is beyond a doubt the closest i have ever come to fame… ;) i am so happy for you, Anna! you completely deserve world-wide recognition… and hugs. lots and lots of hugs!

  14. I thought your work was the best part of the show (I was there) You should have been on the show as a guest.

  15. We can all say we knew you when! I always knew you would be a star! And aren’t moms-in-law great?

  16. Your stuff was WAY cooler than the Sgt. Pepper’s jacket and she even called you by name! Your stuff looked so cute! Congratz again~

  17. How exciting for you! Found your site a few weeks ago, and happened to click on this morning in time to set up the DVR to record Martha. It just came on and I saw you (and no, you don’t look like an idiot, I promise you)I have a friend who is going to be in the audience of The View right after Martha so I will be looking for her too!

    Your designs are just delightful! I’m a big fan of whimsy. I look forward to reading your blog now that I’ve found you!

  18. Anna, congratulations! My friend texted me this morning saying, “oh me god, your friend Anna is on Martha Stewart?” I am very sorry that I missed it, but I’ll try and find a clip of it online. How exciting! Keep up the good work.

  19. Wow! That’s terrific! If I ever managed to watch any television, I’d definitely watch it. I’ll have to see if any of my friends managed to record it. Congrats again!

  20. Anna, My sister and I sat in front of you in the waiting room–my sister knitting her first ugly turquoise scarf. I went home and showed my kids your website and now I have orders for Grass and Woodins from them!! I thought I got through the grass twice but it seems that I knit the front pattern 4 times intead of 2 fronts and 2 backs so we will have a whole family of Grass! Better yet, your patterns have inspired my 2 older girls (13 and 16) to learn to knit! They want to be able to create those oh so cute toys!! Please keep designing your lovely patterns, they inspire kids to knit!!

  21. I saw you!!!! You are beautiful! Not that I ever doubted that. I’m happy to have a face to put with your name and patterns and such. I was disappointed that she didn’t give you a chance to plug your patterns and blog, though. :O/ Maybe the information will be on her website? I hope so! You deserve much more exposure than she gave you! But at least she gave you some, right? So cool to have actually seen Anna and the real live carrot garden, Tubby, and the Sleepy Snake and Mouse. :0) Way to go, Anna!!!

  22. So I just saw it myself, and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined! At one point I seem to ignore Martha’s question about whether my toys are knitted or crocheted, but I swear I didn’t even hear her at all.

    Thanks so much to everyone who saw it and found something nice to say. For those who missed it, I think John is going to put the video clip up later today for all to see.

  23. I watched the show this morning. Your toys are fabulous. I hope you will make the patterns available. I think Martha should bring you back for your very own segment!!

  24. I happened to watch it and was like HEY I know who that is!!! YAY!!! You were great…I only wish I’d known they were doing a handknit show – I would have applied to be in the audience today. :-)

  25. Oh, I also wish you were given more time! Your stuff is much more interesting than most knitting. I would have LOVED to see martha’s reaction to your knit toilet paper – heh.
    Martha drives me crazy, though. I wanted to hear more about the sequel to Sock and Glove, but she wouldn’t shut up and let the editor do her plug. Gah!

  26. Hi! I saw you and your amazing tub with bubbles on the Martha Stewart show this morning and HAD to see if he was online anywhere! :) I came across your site and I want to make one my own so badly! LOL I don’t have a clue where to start knitting, but your designs make me want to learn….thanks for putting such cute and inventive ideas out there- and congratulations on the Martha plug!

  27. Wow, Anna, you were sooo cool with Ms Martha! It was awesome how you so deftly pulled Mousie out of Snakey-snake, made Ninja bunny pop up and lifted Tubby off your lap so all his bubbles could shine! All this while calmly answering Martha’s questions. Next–a knitting show on PBS.? (Would’ve commented earlier, but just saw a tape of the show tonite, thanks to alert stay-at-home neighbors)

  28. My daughter, Claire(11), likes to knit, so I taped the Martha Stewart show for her to watch after school. She got out her basket and worked on a purse she gave up on last year. Now we found your beautiful toys. We both like the snake eating the mouse. But as we looked through your site, I think my new favorite is the reversible hatching chicken egg! Great Job!

  29. I recorded the show so I could see you and all the other knitty things.. great job! The whole show was so cute, I wish I could have been there.

  30. Hiya,

    I tivo’d (well dvr’d) it and you were great! Must have been stressful yet so fun.
    Now I feel lame, because I went to the Huggable show and didn’t know who you were, or I would have said “hi”, now I realise you were standing right there…

    Also this is a silly internet meme:

    I rewarded you with the “You made my day award” and now it’s your turn to participate if you would like.

    Here’ are the “rules”:
    1) Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day
    2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver
    3) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news!

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