Male Stripper Fabric

My mother-in-law Bonney was eager to share her latest fabric find with me when I arrived in New Hampshire for the weekend:


Oh my. Was all I had to say. I asked her if she had plans for her half-naked cowboys, firemen, policemen, construction workers, and delivery boys—fortunately, no plans in particular.

I’m supposing that the primary purpose of these prints is to sit in a closet and occasionally be brought out for laughs, but maybe I’m just not thinking creatively enough. For the curious, Bonney got them from

20 thoughts on “Male Stripper Fabric

  1. My 21-year-old daughter saw the “construction workers” in a Hancocks of Paducah catalog and had to have it! She had me make her a pillow case and matching pillow for her room! It goes quite nicely with her firefighters wall calendar–smile! Her friends have all loved the pillow case! It’s one idea! :)

  2. lol. i dont know which i find funnier, the fact that bonney has these “male stripper” fabrics or the fact that some company is making them!

    As for ideas…maybe something really innocent and domestic like aprons? or maybe pot holders?

  3. I love the apron idea! But you’d have to put the men upside down so they are there for the cook’s benefit more than anyone else. :) They might make good journal covers or great pajamas for a college-age girl. That’d probably be a big hit in a dorm or sorority house.
    PS… Can I see more of the firemen? ;) Haha!

  4. I can’t be the only one that has YMCA stuck in her head now.

    I would have loved and apron or a potholder on that fabric when I was at college. Who doesn’t love that kind of stuff?

    Actually, now that I think of it, YMCA is fighting for its place in my brain against Top Gun…

  5. Wow! Hilarious! I can think of a number of uses for these in a single gal’s apartment… Throw pillows, bed pillows, shower curtain, duvet cover… LOL!! I think they’d be a hoot in a dorm room also! :)

  6. Of course, for a more complicated idea you could cut out some of the individuals and applique them onto a crazy quilt or use them as patches for funky jeans. My mom used to make quilted wall hangings, and she did that type of thing with psychedelic cow fabric. It was great!

  7. like cristina, my mind went straight to ymca. which of course made me laugh all the harder when you said that you thought that they’d stay in the closet…

  8. Yeah, I was going to say that if you hunted around a little, you could probably find fabric representing all of the Village People. That would make for a very…interesting….quilt.

    Not sure what block pattern you’d use. “Bachelor’s Puzzle,” maybe?

    I do think they’d make hilarious pajamas for a college-bound co-ed.

    Also, years ago, there was some catalog that used to feature a “special” ironing board cover that was supposed to make ironing more fun – featuring a printed-on photo of an unclad guy all stretched out (a la the infamous Burt Reynolds photos in Playgirl). I believe he did have a strategically-placed bouquet of roses to keep things PG-13, though.

  9. I second the request for more of the firemen… hot-cha!

    I love the apron idea, with the men upside down for the cook’s benefit. I was thinking of tote bags or purse linings, but the men might be too large for small projects. And while that probably sounds dirty, I don’t mean it that way. ;-)

  10. Quilts for a retirement home? Trust me . . . the lady to male ratio there isn’t good, and they would like it. ;)

  11. These would make amazing tote bags, or lining for bags… how hilarious would it be to peek into your bag and have a male stripper there?

    And yes, I also have YMCA stuck in my head now. Sigh.

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