Mochimochi Display in New London, NH

I kind of feel like I’m doing a lot of “me” talk on the blog lately, but I’ve just had a lot of things going on recently that I’m excited about. Please bear with me for one more!

Bonney was kind enough to arrange for me to put my toys on display at the public library in New London, New Hampshire this past weekend. They have a nice, big display case, so I stuffed it with ALL of my toys!


I’ve been amassing these guys on various shelves and counters in my apartment over the past year, so it was a lot of fun to have them all together in one place and looking so organized. The library staff were very nice and just let us do our thing and take as much time as we needed to arrange everything (about two hours). By the time we left, the toys had attracted a small group of wide-eyed 5-year-olds, so I called the effort a success.

These ended up being my two favorite shelves:


The library itself is really beautiful—I was a little surprised I’d never been there before. If you happen to live in the area, I hope you’ll swing by and check out the display while it’s up! (I think my toys will be there for at least a month or so.)

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  1. Congrats! The display looks awesome and it must have been fun and exciting for you to plan it. :D Hopefully we’ll see more displays like this in other places too! This will help get your designs the recognition they deserve. Don’t be ashamed to toot your own horn, just enjoy it! You work so hard to create these designs, you deserve a lot of credit. If I lived closer, I would definitely be going to check it out in person.

  2. You feel free to brag on yourself as much as you like, I love seeing all your things. I saw you on Martha as a total fluke, and was like, “Hey! I know her!” even though I don’t really *know* you, but… whatever, you know what I mean. I’ve got so many of your projects queued up on Ravelry, and still have so many patterns I want to purchase in due time. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen the pattern for those cute kitties (the squarish ones on the bottom left) anywhere, is it available in a book or magazine? Thanks, and I’d totally be there at the library if I didn’t live all the way on the other side of the country.

  3. Cutey Cutey Cute! Did you find it weird that you actually had enough to fill a whole display? You’ve got quite the collection now! That’s so great that you got a display in a library where kids can see your work…since it’s just us knitters here, I’m sure it’s hard to get kids to see your stuff. Now you’ve got a great opportunity! Maybe it will encourage kids to read (since it’s in a library…) AND learn to knit, eh?

  4. Aw, thank you, guys!

    To answer your question, Michelle, the Stackable Cats are coming next month! I must have forgotten to mention that, but the pattern is now being rigorously tested by a few people. I can’t wait for it to be ready!

  5. Anna,
    It looks AMAZING! If I didn’t live all the way in California I would check it out!

  6. Love the display. It reminds me a little of the library in the town where I grew up, where they used to have neat displays of things every month.

    And YAY for Stackable Cats being available as a pattern! Can’t wait to order it!

  7. Your designs are lovely, and looking through the glass is like looking into a whimsical, magical other world… I am sure that’s what the kids were thinking, too! Great display, I am sure it is the first of many Mochimochi world appearances!

  8. Yay a New Hampshireite! (Is that what you’re called?) I love your state.

    Oh and yeah, Jennifer, part of me worried that I wouldn’t have enough to fill up the case, but the duffle bag I brought was just bursting with toys, so part of me wondered if I’d brought too much. It ended up being perfect.

  9. Congratulations – it looks so lovely! Wish I could see it in person. :) Kudos to Bonney, too, for getting you the display space.

  10. “I kind of feel like I’m doing a lot of “me” talk on the blog lately, but I’ve just had a lot of things going on recently that I’m excited about. Please bear with me for one more!”

    First, silly Anna – we like reading your blog because we want to hear about you! You post about you as much as you want. :)

    Second, I love the collection of toys. I imagine them leaving their spots once the lights go down in the library, a la “Toy Story,” and having a grand time playing together.

  11. It’s fun to see them all together. They are all so cute. Would you consider doing a turtle?

  12. That’s so cool! I love the displays in the library as a kid. The sausage dogs strung up there are just so cool – I can feel my inner five year pressing her nose right up the glass.

  13. i come here expressly for the “me” talk! congratulations on your library show. i expect that a lot of moms in new hampshire will be downloading patterns from mochimochiland. :)


  14. What a terrific display! Congrats to Bonney for arranging it. congrats to the New London Library for having a nice, beige shelf space so that your creations could sparkle. And hooray to you, Anna, for having a critical mass of objects to display.

  15. I just discovered you and your amazing work on last night. You are so very inspiring! I just can’t decide which of your patterns I should order first!…I’ll probably end up ordering all of them! I was wondering if at some point you will post any details on the techniques you used to make some of your one-off pieces such as “The Lemmings” and the “Slug and Snail Foot Race”. How did you learn how to knit? Were there any books or websites that inspired you to make your toys? I have been knitting since I was about 5 years old (I’m nearly 23 now so thats about 18 years!). I’ve never really been a sweater-pattern knitter, so your creatures are right up my alley! Keep up the good work, and thankyou for sharing your patterns!

  16. OH WOW! Now I wanna learn to knit! I was looking for the Mr.Funky book and found plushyou with your interview. I just love things that are Asian or cute like this. I am very glad I stopped to see your site. Thank you for all the ideas you have inspired!

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