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One of the strange things about vacations is that stuff happens while you’re away! Much of it is just work piling up, of course, but sometimes there’s a pleasant surprise mixed in with the multiplying “to-dos.” Such is the case with a new profile of Mochimochi Land on!

venuszine is the website of the hip magazine Venus Zine, which covers a refreshing mix of women in music, art, film, fashion, and DIY culture. Contributor Sara Graham, who is an avid crocheter herself, just happened to be at the Martha Stewart taping that my toys and I attended in February, and she got in touch with me shortly after that.

I’m extremely flattered by Sara’s nicely written profile about my work, and it’s an honor to be presented on Venus Zine’s website along with so many other fascinating women in art and DIY culture. Thank you Sara!

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  1. Congratulations, Anna! I’m excited each time you and your great works get spotted . . . I’m really rooting for a publisher to ask you to write a book filled with knitting patterns.

  2. What a GREAT article! Thanks to Sara for putting a well-deserved spotlight on you and your creations.

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