Paper Earrings

My jewelry-designer friend Audrey recently made the most beautiful pair of earrings out of handmade Japanese paper and sterling silver.



I love how they look so incredibly light—the use of the paper is just inspired. (Now if only I wore earrings…)

The earrings are part of her collection, which can be found in her Etsy shop. (I also blogged about her shop when she opened it last year.) Audrey specializes in mixing industrial and natural materials with traditional elements of fine jewelry. The result is beautiful designs that balance strength and delicacy.


I think her jewelry would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift for a hip kind of mom!

4 thoughts on “Paper Earrings

  1. I love her designs. I was looking at a 1.5v circular battery (that I have to replace) the other day, and I was thinking how pretty it is. I wonder, if you wore that bracelet, would it mess with your computer? Or are they cogs and widgets? Anyway, I would totally wear that. And the earrings. Gorgeous.

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