To Japan!

Did I mention I’m going to Japan? I’m leaving in about 12 hours!

Husband John and I will be taking his mom and big brother on a 10-day tour of Tokyo and Kyoto, with a stopover in Nagoya to see friends. Yay!

I wasn’t necessarily expecting to return so soon (it was just about a year ago that John and I went for our last vacation), but the timing just worked out for all four of us. I think it’s going to be a riot to go with two people who’ve never been and don’t speak the language. We’re planning on lots of sightseeing, shopping, eating, and other fun activities that are so much more exciting there than here for some reason. Like crane games!


Like last year, I might be a tad bit slow to respond to emails, but I’ll be online when I can, and still posting to the blog.

I’m also hoping to find tons of toy inspiration and the prizes for this year’s Mochimochi Photo contest!

Speaking of the photo contest, it’s not too early to start working on your entries! The contest will probably be a bit earlier this year—I’m thinking summertime or thereabouts. Here’s an amazing photo already from Giolou.


Ninjabunzilla! I hope I get to meet him in person in Tokyo.

14 thoughts on “To Japan!

  1. Oh, I would love to see Japan someday! Crane games are the best! They are my favorite game at any arcade.Have fun! We’ll all be waiting to see what new ideas you find there! :)

  2. Pretty cool!!!
    I hope you do a wonderful travel…
    wow, costumes,new designs,new ideas…
    definitely will be a wonderful trip…

    Sorry for the english mistakes.I’m brazilian and huge fan of your work.

  3. Wow! have a fantastic time! I dream of going to Japan one day, can’t wait to hear about your adventures there x

  4. Thank you all for your well-wishes!!! We got in safely yesterday, and immediately passed out. (The plane ride was fine, but no sleep for me!) But now it’s Sunday morning and I’m feeling pretty well-rested. We’re off to Shibuya and Harajuku—yay!

  5. Have fun in Japan!! OOo Harajuku!!

    Make them try natto! (eewww) I went to Japan for my first and only time in 2003. I definitely want to go back. I had so many yummy things… and just as many yucky things! hahaha. Enjoy!! Ooo the cherry blossoms will just be coming out too!!!

  6. Woo! Another trip! If you can, maybe check out those bubble capsule machine stores that are full of crazy toys on vending machines? (living vicariously through your adventures) I’m so looking forward to reading stories when you come back!

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