Plush-tastic Ads

On my last day in Japan last month, I was in a crowded JR train and noticed TWO ads featuring cute girls and plush mascots, one right across from the other in the car.

They’re advertising completely different things, and neither of those things are toys.

This girl and her panda puppet want you to drink Kirin green tea.


The panda seems more interested in eating the cap, though.

And this girl and her giant frog are hawking loans, of all things.


As cute as that frog is, I’m not sure if it would motivate me to take out a loan from this particular company. Then again, I’m not Japanese.

5 thoughts on “Plush-tastic Ads

  1. I use a feed reader to let me know when blogs update, and today, when I opened the notifications to read your blog, the pictures that appeared on the feed were the ones from the previous post (text of this one). It might just be my computer, but thought I’d let you know.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that right away and changed it, but your RSS reader must not have updated the post. I try not to make that mistake for that reason, but it’s easy to do!

  3. Too funny; Wee Monkey Gurl was just asking about *WHY* the Japanese have such a rich cute factor in their advertising, and (more importantly) why we don’t. I don’t really have an answer for her – do you? Maybe it’s because everything in their culture is deep – respect, knowledge, philosophy, humor, etc., – while everything in our (U.S.) culture is superficial? I would appreciate any insight you could provide, seeing as how you are way more experienced than I. :)

  4. Good point! I can even see one of those ads from my window.

    Although it’s not a stuffed toy being handled by a smiling girl.

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