Free Dust Bunnies Pattern with Any Purchase!


To kick off this year’s photo contest, the pattern for Dust Bunnies will come free with any Mochimochi Land purchase through June 15th!

A link to download the pattern will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

10 thoughts on “Free Dust Bunnies Pattern with Any Purchase!

  1. Of course, already had to buy something (wonderful stackable cats!!) and am in lurv with your dust bunnies!! My dust bunnies (uh, the real yucky kind) are going to be so jealous!!

  2. We have three real bunnies in our house, so I told my mom that I was only making her a maximum of three (one for each bunny…). Otherwise we’d have waaaay too many! Love the dusty bunnies!

  3. Thank you Anna! I can’t wait to knit these dirty, but ever so cute, little bunnies up! :)

  4. I love the dust bunnies!
    I haven’t commented before, but i love your work and i am slowly improving my skills! I have only knitted the hearts so far, but i hope to buy your patterns to knit some time in the future. Keep at it :)

  5. Oh my! The dusty bunnies are taking over my house! Did you know they breed like … well… ummm… rabbits? There was one on Friday and Today there are seven. SEVEN!

    So much fun to knit up.

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