New Pattern and Classes at Loops This Week!

I’m thrilled to announce that the pattern for Looper is now available at Loops!


Looper is a new Mochimochi Land pattern created especially for Loops yarn store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where it will be exclusively available through the end of 2008. Looper is a cuddly creature with a prehensile tail, perfect for looping around doorknobs, bedposts, and you!


In addition to the Looper pattern, Loops is also now carrying a variety of other printed Mochimochi Land patterns in its online shop. So for those of you who prefer paper and ink over printing out a pdf, now you can order online.

Also, if you’re in the Tulsa area this week, I’m teaching the Looper pattern as a class on Thursday (6/19) and Saturday (6/21), with a “pattern signing” (ha) open to the public on Saturday at 3 pm at Loops. (Check out the Loops class schedule for class information.) I hope to see you Tulsans there. Bring your Mochimochi Land toys!

18 thoughts on “New Pattern and Classes at Loops This Week!

  1. I wish they didn’t charge $6.00 to send one piece of paper…should be $1.00 (at the most).. kinda feels like price gouging on shipping… only if they could make/offer a .pdf downloadable one. I have NO problem paying for the pattern, but feeling really “ripped” off on the shipping… Anyone else????

  2. And yes… Oh how I wish I lived or could fly to Tulsa to meet you Anna…(it is a secret dream of mine to be able one day to meet you)… :)

  3. Yeah, the $6 shipping is a bit steep…not sure why, even if it is a printed pattern. I know you have no control over that Anna, so sorry to lament over it here! I really want the pattern, so I may just pony up the dough, over-charged shipping and all!

  4. Glad you are interested in the pattern!

    Looper was originally created to be available in the Loops store as a special pattern for their local customers. But Loops also wanted to make the pattern available online, so that people who don’t live in the area could get the pattern while it’s still exclusive to them.

    If you have any questions for Loops about their online shop, you can get in touch with them via their contact page

  5. Sorry to complain…that was nice of them to have a way to offer it to customer who live outside the area. I think we are all so used to your shop and being able to have it available for a low price right away that it was quite a shock to see the extra charges. You spoil us too much Anna!

    I also agree with knittygirlie that I wish I could be there to take your class and meet you in person! You must be so excited about having an opportunity to teach a class and have an exclusive pattern for a store! Congratulations, and I’m sure you’ll have a great turn-out!

  6. It would cost me more to have it shipped to Australia, so I’m going to have to pass on this one. Bugger!

  7. Gabby, I agree with the whole Texas thing, but Anna, can you please come to Houston, Texas, preferably Conroe or The Woodlands (two suburban towns in the Houston area).

  8. Hey Gabby and Anla, if all goes well with the Tulsa classes, I hope to hold them all over eventually, including Texas! I thought it would be fun to start with Oklahoma, since that’s where I’m originally from.

  9. That is SO awesome! Although where I live in Texas, its like, in the middle of no where, 8 or 9 hours away from Houston…

  10. Umm, so do local Loops customers get the pattern free?

    Faye, please email me and I will send you a copy. I really feel for you cuz I lived overseas for a few years and had virtually no access to patterns. It was really hard sometimes. I will get you a copy when I get mine, and mail yours to you. Just send me an email with your address.

  11. Safiyah, customers who buy the Looper pattern at the brick-and-mortar Loops store do not have to pay shipping charges. They still have to pay for the pattern, naturally.

  12. Thanks for the offer Safiyah, I’ll wait for the pdf copy and buy from Anna at a reduced price with NO shipping in a few years time when/if it becomes available from her.

  13. i am so glad that Looper is going to by assisting you at Loops! It is such a great pattern, I have a blog entry up about this cute little lemur guy as well, so I hope a lot of people near Tulsa get their knitting needles ready to go!

    I so wish I lived nearer! I think its amazing that you are booking pattern signings! You are almost like the Yarn Harlot! Maybe you will rival her in a year or two? :) I don’t mean to sound silly, but you really are an inspiration! Good luck, good luck!

  14. Hey everyone, we are so thrilled that Anna is teaching a class for us, and Looper is her cutest pattern yet (yes, we’re biased!). Regarding the shipping, we ship every U.S. order USPS Priority Mail, no matter how small or large (which is a huge savings on big yarn orders). But here is a secret: We’re currently running a promotion on and if you enter code “knittybitty” at checkout, you can get $1 shipping! We will ship the pattern USPS Ground but it should get to you quickly.

    FYI, we do offer our original Loops patterns for instant PDF download (no shipping), but Anna prefers to keep the PDF rights which I completely understand. The good news is that we prepare and ship orders FAST, usually same-day or at least within 24 hours, so you will get your pattern as quickly as humanly possible.

  15. Wow, this was surely a well-kept secret… I just paid $6 for the pattern, and $6 for shipping. I am sorely disappointed… I mean, gas is at $4.10 here and the nation is in a deep recession. I don’t feel “little secrets” like these should be so well-kept in times like these.

  16. Shelley, thanks so much for the explanation of your shipping method and for kindly sharing your Knitty promotion. Looking forward to the class tomorrow!!

  17. Thank You Anna & Shelley!!! I am looking forward to knitting up Looper! :)

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