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Hi, Mochimochi friends. John here. Some of you may have been having trouble with the sidebar buttons for the photo contest and the free patterns, particularly if you were using Firefox. Sorry about that. It was a little server-configuration glitch that I introduced while I was upgrading Mochimochi Land’s blog software. The buttons should be working now (you might have to reload, but probably not). Please let us know if you have any other problems. Thanks for your patience!

3 thoughts on “Sidebar Buttons

  1. Hi, not that it’s stopping me, but I wanted to let you know I’m still having issues with the sidebar and the header. I reloaded and cleared my cache, but no joy. I’m using a small laptop with version of Firefox, so it very well could be my issues. But I can still read the posts (and I do). Thanks for all the work that goes into sharing all the fun knittables!

  2. Hi Maureen,

    I sent you an email — I’ll be happy to look into the problem for you.


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