Prizes, Anyone?

I’ve already blogged about a couple of the amazing prizes in store for the winner of this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest here and here. But wait! There’s more.

Japanese craft books, including the new sequel to the popular Sock and Glove:


Fun fabrics, straight from Japan:


Adorable bacteria characters:


An assortment of patches and buttons (the beetles are my personal favorite):


…and more! So check out the full contest details on how to enter. You have until July 31st!

8 thoughts on “Prizes, Anyone?

  1. Those are so COOL! Now, all I have to do is start knitting! I hope I don’t get distracted…

  2. I just realized I need to download a bunch of songs off iTunes. I find it easier to knit while listening to rock, especially Linkin Park and Paramore

  3. It’s taken me a while to stumble upon your site, I don’t know how I have missed it considering you have a link to it on your profile page. I am so impressed and inspired by all your adorable little creations, so much so that I have shown your page to all my colleagues and now the editing team at kaupthing bank in stockholm are pretty clued up on the mochimochi range.

    Now, I feel suitably like a stalker as I have read the entire blog from the beginning (quiet day at the office), and the entry I love the most is the picture from your wedding of your knitted bridal bouquet!

    Anna darling, you have an amazing talent. I’ll do my best to pick up the knitting, I wanna have something to submit for the photo comp!


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