Big Al’s

One of the highlights of picturesque Wiscasset, Maine, is Big Al’s, the giant odd lots store on the edge of town. Big Al’s doesn’t have everything, but it has everything else.


The place isn’t as big as a Super Wal-Mart—it might not even be as big as most regular Wal-Marts—but its warehouse-size building is huge by Maine standards. (And I believe it existed before the L.L. Bean outlet in Freeport.)

Permit me to share some of my favorite finds at Big Al’s from my recent visit.

Thank goodness! They have scrubs.


Thank goodness they have faux antique canned goods?


And they have lots of yarn! Lots and lots of novelty yarn in neon colors.


Don’t ask how many candles Big Al’s carries. As how many nautical candles Big Al’s carries. (Answer: I count at least 10 varieties.)


And finally, a cow computer cover:


Fits over monitor or PC!

13 thoughts on “Big Al’s

  1. Hi Anna,

    You can tell Bonney I’ll rent the Uhaul truck and we can split the gas money.

    No, but really, Love the pictures. I love places like that.

    Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

    PS: I’m currently knitting the toilet paper as a scarf. Thanks for the pattern. I should have it on my blog in a few days. I have five sheets already done.

  2. Big Al’s made it to the front page of my sermon yesterday. Oh, a place so inspiring.

  3. While Big Al’s may be older than the LL Bean outlet, I doubt that it pre-dates LL Bean overall. The LL Bean Outlet is not the original. LL Bean started as a mail order business. The store was a convenience for local hunters and fishermen. It was over the warehouse. You had to climb up a rickety old set of stairs to get to it. It was open 24 hours because the night watchman was there and would let in the occasional drop-in customer. Simple, but much more fun than the current stores.

  4. Did you get some furry yarn for shits and giggles? (Actually, I think the stuff is excellent for stuffed animals. I don’t know if that’s your style, though.)

    We had a place like that in Florida. I bought leftover wax-coated grapefruit boxes to help me move. I also saw leftover glasses from other people’s wedding anniversaries for sale. I got some good deals here and there, but I’d never buy the food.

  5. There is the green novelty yarn that I had to order for a stupid price on the internet when it was discontinued! Argh! How much was it?

  6. I saw this and all I could think of was Toy Story 2 and Big Al’s Toy Barn. Did they have a good selection of odd toys?

  7. They had a great selection of toys, especially random doll parts, some of which were on the “free” table. Oh yes, they have a whole corner, actually, of stuff that they’re just giving away.

  8. oh wow. I MUST have a cow computer cover!

    And it’s such a bargain!

    I wonder if it had holes to allow for air flow? I bet that could cook a processor in a hurry!

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