Creepy Polyfil

A while back, I picked up an extra bag of polyester fiberfill while staying with my parents in Oklahoma. It’s got to be the creepiest polyfil packaging on the market.


Has anybody else seen this? I think I got it at a Hobby Lobby. What I find especially unsettling is the way that the sewing grandmother almost looks like she could be a real person (perhaps the user of said polyfil?), but then if you look at her hands, she’s pretty clearly a very realistic-looking doll. And then we’ve got what look like three little gypsies, something colorful that doesn’t really look like anything, something faceless on the left that might be an art piece (?), and a scary giant Santa.

I just wish I had taken a better photo of the bag—I left it at my parents again for use next time I’m in town (if they don’t throw it away first). The polyfil itself is pretty good though.

13 thoughts on “Creepy Polyfil

  1. That IS creepy. I kind of like the green thingy,though.Is it a mermaid? I think that’s what it’s supposed to be. The Stuffed Granny is just plain weird.

  2. Wow! I was thinking the granny was real..until you mentioned the hands!
    Santa reminds me of King Kong with his lady in white!

  3. I have this same bag of polyfill and I had always thought it was creepy. Glad someone else thinks so too.

  4. I also think the colorful thing is a mermaid–she’s in a reclining position, and the colorful stuff is the tail. The white thing on the left first looked like a goose, but now that I look again, it doesn’t look like anything. My guess is that these are all OOAK (one-of-a-kind) artist dolls, maybe some with clay (Sculpey or Fimo) or papier mache heads. Those always look a little creepy to me–and I’ve made one myself, and let me tell you–it looks about the same! ;)

    I’ve stuffed all my Mochimochi creatures with wool from Magic Cabin. It’s really nice and no scary critters to deal with.

  5. that is really creepy! and the weirdest idea for a photo on a bag of poly-fil that i’ve ever seen.

  6. lol. these remind me of panty hose craft. a lot of people in the 80s really enjoyed making these creepy soft sculptures of people’s faces or dolls with panty hose and wire.

  7. That’s really creepy….. lol I don’t think I’ve seen those before, but I’m sure I would remember if I had….

  8. Oh, yeah—I think I even met a robot similar to the one in the Wikipedia entry at the Nagoya expo in 2004. That phenomenon most definitely has something to do with the creepy factor.

  9. I have had that bag of polyfil before! Can’t remember where I found it – some store here in Atlantic Canada. I remember being really creeped out by it and trying to store it so that I wouldn’t have to see the creepy dolls. What gets me is that someone has to put a lot of work into those creepy dolls. Why are they doing this? Don’t they know their dolls give people the willies?

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