The Bestest Barrettes

When I wrote about the odd lots store Big Al’s earlier this month, I somehow left out the best part: the FREE STUFF.

Yes, the store that has it all also encourages you to take something home for free, even if you didn’t buy anything (though there’s a sign posted asking that you only take one free item per visit.) On my recent visit to Big Al’s, the free table (a free corner, really, comprised of three tables) was my lucky spot. After searching up and down the aisles of faux vintage canned goods, cow computer covers, and nautical candles for a good 30 minutes, I was ready to leave the store empty-handed. But I couldn’t leave without checking out the free stuff, and it was there that I found just what I was looking for!


You know those barrettes you always see at the drug store in the shapes of bows, daisies, dragonflies, and other things little girls are made of? Big Al’s was giving away boxes of generic versions of these, all of them black! What’s more, these generics are flimsier than the kind you get in stores, making them less bulky and less prone to yank on your hair. I would seriously have paid up to ten dollars for a box of such wonderful barrettes. Instead I got them for free!

For the past month I’ve been wearing them constantly while trying not to lose them.


Thank you Big Al’s! Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the area of Wiscasset, Maine.

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7 thoughts on “The Bestest Barrettes

  1. Wow I’m impressed you did the research! Too bad about the wholesale thing… anybody own an accessories store?

  2. I almost died when I saw this post – Big All’s? Surely it could not be but there it was LOL I am from Maine and whenever I make the trek ‘home’ I must stop there.

  3. If you want more so you don’t have to worry about loosing them, the dollar store by me sells them in almost every shape and color.

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