Tiny Wooden Animals

Just returned from a lovely 4th of July visit with relatives in Maine. (It was cold enough at night to wear fleece to see the fireworks show!) My aunt and uncle there have the most beautiful old house, which they’ve decorated with carefully chosen antiques.

These little animals on a mantle particularly caught my eye during this visit. They are part of an antique Noah’s Ark set made in Germany. (The wooden ark was just outside the frame of my photo.)


If I had a fireplace and mantle of my own, I would want tiny wooden animals on it too.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Wooden Animals

  1. Love it! I love Noah’s arc, I recently purchased a magazine with patterns in it for knitting one complete with a whole set of animals right down to a pair of ladybugs! I have too many projects on the go at the moment to get started on it, but when I do there will be pictures!

  2. Oh my goodness!! We had a Noah’s Ark like that one when we were kids! It had been our mother’s set when she was little, and I loved it! I think my brother still has it. I must ask. Maybe I’ll trade him a family treasure for it. I would love to have it on my mantel. Thanks for sharing yours!! It’s beautiful and full of memories for me!

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