Beep Boop Crash

My hard drive crashed last week. The techy people I took it to told me it would be a week to fix, but it’s now been well over a week, and their new estimate is “we have no idea how long it’s going to take.”

I was hoping to keep this mundane and somewhat embarrassing news (no, I hadn’t backed it up in a loong time) out of the blog, but the situation has disrupted my work and brought a few of my projects to a halt, and I’ve also lost some photos I had been planning on sharing on my blog. It’s taking long enough now that it seems like time to whine publicly.

In the meantime, I’ve started scrambling to replace stuff I’ve lost (only temporarily, hopefully). Among these things is a new top-secret pattern coming very very soon.

7 thoughts on “Beep Boop Crash

    You have officially sparked my curiosity.
    And I’m sorry to hear about your harddrive. I hope it gets fixed. :(
    Say. . .why not ask Registy and Captain Capacitor for help? ;P

  2. So sorry to hear about your hard drive crash. Losing data is so heart breaking. I hope they are able to recover it all.

    There are a lot of inexpensive automated backup solutions out there. If you want some recommendations, drop me a line.

  3. It’s my fault for being lax about getting a backup routine going for Anna. My computer gets backed up every hour, but I kept forgetting to set up a similar deal for Anna’s computer. Which is silly, because her stuff is more important than any of mine!

  4. Do Mac harddrives crash? Scary. I’m sorry to hear the news. I hope they can recover your data. What a bummer.

  5. There’s really great online backup services out there. I use Mozy: They’re free for up to 2gig of storage, pretty cheap for unlimited. And you can schedule backups to happen automatically.

    I learned my lesson after losing 2 years of Quicken data and wedding pictures right after getting married. Oh, boy did I cry when that hard drive made a ka-CHUNK sound.

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