iTunes to the Rescue

My favorite person this week is Ryan, a support person for the iTunes Store. He helped me re-download all the music I’d ever purchased from them and lost when my hard drive crashed last month. That’s a ton of music!

I have 99 songs (5.8 hours worth) with the word “love” in the title!

It’s funny, I get emails pretty frequently from people who have lost patterns they downloaded from my shop, and I’m always happy to send the patterns to them again. But it hadn’t occurred to me that Apple would do the same for their customers. They do!

After contacting their support via this page, I got a detailed email from Ryan explaining how I could download my music again. Then he followed up again the next day just to make sure I understood how to do it. It was easy and very fast. Thank you Ryan! (In case Ryan isn’t an avid reader of my blog, I also sent him an email thanking him.)

5 thoughts on “iTunes to the Rescue

  1. Thats good. Sorry I am not that excited, but I hate iPods. I got one for Christmas, the battery died, I got another one, the battery died again, so now I have a mp3.

  2. Um, Gabby, you can charge ipods by connecting them to a computer that’s turned on using the usb cable. I hope this helps you on why the batteries are dead.

  3. I know. See, what happened was it wouldn’t turn on, so I would plug it in to charge, and nothing would happen. I left it to charge, thinking it took some time, but nothing came up. I took it to Best Buy and they would try to charge it, but it wouldn’t work there either. The dude said that like one in hundred or some number like that’s battery will just stop working. It won’t be able to charge, nothing.

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