amineko no iru seikatsu

I don’t buy so many craft books but I picked this one up earlier this year and it’s become a new favorite.


Not sure if it’s been discussed much among Western crafters, but amineko no iru seikatsu (Life with Amugurumi Cat, I believe) deserves some love. The book contains only one amigurumi pattern, plus a few sewing patterns for small accessories for your amineko, but the highlight of the book are the wonderful photos of amigurumi cats doing various activities like eating, reading, and sleeping in various objects. In almost wordless, comic-strip-style vignettes, we see the simple crocheted cats come to life with distinct personalities and moods.

I got my copy at Kinokuniya, but you can also find it on Amazon Japan.

8 thoughts on “amineko no iru seikatsu

  1. Oh I’ve been struggling to teach myself crochet. This book looks so neat! I also just picked up a copy of Creepy Cute Crochet to make myself a corporate zombie. Ha ha! Keep your fingers crossed for me.
    Thanks for sharing the link, now I have something else to strive for. *grin*

  2. Yay – thanks for sharing this!! We have a large Kinokuniya store in Sydney – one of my favourite stores!! Must check out the English translation site too!!

  3. Using the online pattern, I made that cat many months ago using a strange multi-colored pastel yarn with netting over it–never realized there was a whole book about the kitty. How cute! :) It’s fun to crochet and very poseable. Put a small cloth bag of plastic pellets in the four paws if you can–it helps with posing. (I filled the whole torso with them, too, but that’s overkill!)

  4. I wish I could find the photos from the inside of the book on the web somewhere—they’re really charming.

  5. I also have the Creepy Cute Crochet. It’s part of the making gifts for others montage! It’s a good thing I don’t live in NYC, because I would be at Kinokuniya all the time! It’s such a dangerous place!

  6. WOW! Funny you mention this adorable book on your blog! I bought my copy off eBay from a seller in Japan, after seeing it on eBay and finding that the kitty(s) in the book look just like my 2 older sons when they sleep! See pages 26 & 27– the red and blue kitties… thats exactly how those two boys of mine sleep, :D
    Haent gotten around to making them yet… and I too wish there was an English translation for the text. My brother studied Japanese one semester on college and claims to have a good command of the language.. maybe he can tell me whats going on in some of the skits in the book.

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