Baby Donkey Celebrates

There’s a bit of boasting going on around here, after a night of election results and too much soda pop…


Our little Democrat is trying to offer some consolation his red friend, though, with a suggestion that he join the blue team. (Not likely, I think.)

Here’s to our shiny new president!

8 thoughts on “Baby Donkey Celebrates

  1. I love the fact that baby donkey is consoling baby elephant. I’m not sure my red friends Oklahoma will be ready for that today.

  2. *Sigh* Poor elephant. It’s defiantly not healthy to have another baby
    standing on your head! Well, maybe in 4 years that donkey will have a taste of his own medicine! I hope they don’t lose any brain cells…

  3. the great thing is that this isn’t football and some elephants will even vote for a donkey… my pair are both proud to be americans this morning!!!! :D

  4. This photo really is telling… the Democrat on the back of the Republican!!! Ha! You didn’t mean to do that, did you? And you’re right… I don’t see the red team joining the blue team. Just putting up with them for four more years!

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