Elves Aplenty!

December feels like the fastest month of the year to many of us, I’m sure. Luckily, some of us are getting a little extra help this year from a few diminutive friends.

Sparkle sparkle! No one can accuse lisamarykay1’s Elves of not getting into the holiday spirit.

Giolou whipped up some fraternal twins, Winey and Limey, to help her out for the holidays. They may have stubby appendages, but they look ready to lend plenty of moral support!

Hannah’s duo has “Christmas tree radar,” and set up camp under her tree while her back was turned. These guys are ready for the 25th!

Something tells me that many more elves elves are on their way. Thank you very much to Giolou and Hannah for testing!

4 thoughts on “Elves Aplenty!

  1. Aw, everyone’s made such cute elves! I can’t wait to see how many other variations will show up over time. :)

    Thanks for yet another adorable pattern, Anna!

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