Bunny Drawer Pull

I was trying to do something with knitted bunny heads over the weekend, and feeling a little frustrated with it. At one point, in my exasperation, I sacrificed a bunny head to one of the drawer pulls on my desk. It popped right on!


The backs of the plastic eyes kind of get in the way, but if I replace those with yarn eyes, I bet it would make a pretty good pull. So maybe I’ll make more to gussy up my desk.

28 thoughts on “Bunny Drawer Pull

  1. Drawer pulls! Why stop there? Door knob covers, nose warmers, toilet flush cozies, faucet hiders; you could do the whole house!! Very cute!

  2. Ya know, I think you’re on to something. If the hole was oriented to the bottom they would also make great pencil toppers.

  3. Those are too cute! A very darling idea for a baby’s room. Maybe not a toddler though, as they’d have to be attached really firmly or they’d get popped right off again.

  4. I bet those would make cute ear muffs if they were just a wee bit larger (fine size for a kidling, but not for anyone adult sized). With Xes for eyes or not!

  5. LOL X eyes…maybe a bit extreme there Anna for something so cute!! I love the drawer pull!! Bet there are a lot of new mommies that would love to decorate a little ones room with those too.

  6. OMG! I love those! They are very cute! I could see making those for a baby shower and give them as an added little gift! I think that they would be good for little ones too because they wouldn’t hit their little heads on the pulls. I love how creative your projects are Anna!!!

  7. Pattern! I like it! The drawer pulls in my old apartment furniture are so dull, and I can’t change them!

  8. “Ooh that’s right—I could give the bunny little X eyes. But maybe I’m not that cruel…”

    You know you can be cruel!
    I sewed X eyes on a scarf I made – granted, the bunny had a carrot through its head!

  9. Wow, nice job! If enough people want them, I’ll consider writing up some patterns for different animals. I wonder how universal drawer pull are, or if it would be necessary to create different sizes…

  10. I think one size would be sufficient, although I’m no drawer expert. I left the back of mine a little open (after pulling the yarn through the remaining stitches), so it could be pulled tight once placed on the drawer. At least, that’s the theory.

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