Castle Crashers

This is a fun multiplayer game that John and I have been playing lately.


Your partner will love the scatological humor and you will love the adorable deer. (Or vice versa.) You will both love fighting the bad guys together. I recommend it!

It’s a $15 download for the Xbox 360.

6 thoughts on “Castle Crashers

  1. Aaargh, you always post cool games, but they’re for the Xbox! We have EVERY OTHER SYSTEM EVER (well, just about), but no Xbox. Oh well. At least we can rock the Little Big Planet on our PS3! We’re always on the lookout for fun co-op games that aren’t first-person-shooters – apart from me not liking realistic slaughter, the camera action makes me seasick.

  2. Well we only got an Xbox recently, and then we saw just what we were missing! But I just play whatever my husband says I will like. I’ll see if he has some new recommendations for other systems!

  3. I think it’s a really cute game. I have not played it. I just watch my husband play. Does John play a lot of video games?

  4. John’s always played video games, but now that he’s writing game reviews for The Onion’s AV Club, he’s playing new ones all the time! That means less TV time for me, but sometimes I’m interested in what he’s playing.

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