Hinty Hinty!

A good friend of mine loves all holidays, but she especially loves a certain holiday that’s coming up soon. She requested a toy with a theme of this holiday about two years ago, and this year I finally got around to making her toy. I loved it so much that I also made a pattern for it. What is it?

Here’s a hint: The holiday does not begin with a V.

Here’s another hint:


The pattern is coming soon to the Mochimochi Shop!

14 thoughts on “Hinty Hinty!

  1. yay, groundhog day. But, it doesn’t exist in my country…

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the groundhog :)

  2. OMG a groundhog would be wicked cute! :)
    OH St. Pats day…that’s a good guess too Tricia! OMG What ever could it be?!?!!? Can’t wait to find out.

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