Happy Groundhog Day!

Let’s see who’s making an appearance today!

discosmurf’s groundhog Top Hat seems proud to be king of his mound of dirt.


His mound seems a little less thrilled by it all.

beforesunrise’s Murray (named after Bill, of course), also doesn’t seem to be afraid of a thing this morning.


He even invited a few friends over!


teaYarnly’s Godfrey forgot what day it was!



But it’s not all springlike predictions from our groundhogs this year.

Godfrey the First at chez Mochimochi spent a few quiet minutes contemplating his shadow…


And giolou’s little guy woke up to quite a frightening sight!


A big thank-you to discosmurf, beforesunrise, and teaYarnly for testing the pattern. I hope we see lots more Godfreys pop up year round!

12 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. what an awesome showing! I really love everyone’s subtle changes made through the different yarn choices!

  2. I could be wrong, but doesn’t he see his shadow every year? I cannot honestly remember a year where he hasn’t. Cute Groundhog!

  3. I linked this entry and showed a picture of your Godfrey on my blog, with credit- I hope you don’t mind- and if you do, please tell me immediately and I’ll take it down.

  4. Godfrey saw his shadow in New Hampshire today. (tee hee check my blog!) Love the pattern Anna, it was loads of fun when people would ask “What are you knitting?” and I’d answer “A clump of dirt.” LOL

  5. Happy Groundhog Day, Anna! Thanks for creating Godfrey. He seems to be a real hit. I took mine to work today and everyone LOVED him. Thanks for spreading the Groundhog spirit! ;)

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