Henry Hatsworth in the Addictive DS Game


My husband tossed me a new DS game a week ago that he thought I would like. Turns out I more than like it—there are huge blocks of time over the past two weekends that I kind of can’t account for now, as if I had blacked out. These were, of course, hours that I spent zombie-eyed and clutching my DS close to my face.

Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure is deceptively simple, comprised of a combination of platform and puzzle games, but it’s challenging and, as I found, totally addictive. Instead of writing more about it, I have to get back to playing now.

Check out John’s review of Henry Hatsworth on the A.V. Club. (And if you’re really into gaming, check out his coverage of last week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.)

6 thoughts on “Henry Hatsworth in the Addictive DS Game

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised to see this game being talked about here–one of my very good friends worked on this game at EA. :D

  2. DS is the devil. Seriously, it is. I held off on getting one forever and then I did…and my knitting and reading has seriously suffered. I’ve never tried this game but I guess I will have to. My current addiction is Harvest Moon Cute. <3

  3. I love your blog soooooooooo much!!!!
    I put you on my reading list !
    I’m making one of your free patterns the lovely hearts!
    Also that game is soooo fun and I agree it is very addictive!

  4. I should definitely get that….I like Animal Crossing Wild World, but that’s just me. Sometimes it seem boring;it just depends on your mood I think.

  5. I love puzzle games, so this would be right up my alley. Right now, I’m playing either Puzzle Quest Galactrix or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I lost a huge amount of time this weekend to Mystery Dungeon, so I am now leaving the game at home so I can at least knit during the commute.

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