Love is in the Air at the Post Office

Today is March 26th, but that’s apparently still “close enough” to Valentine’s Day for the Columbus Circle post office!


You may remember this display case from its autumnal theme that I photographed last October. The Valentine’s display is a bit more ambitious, with its paper cupid, fake roses, and tissue paper, and maybe the extra effort is why they decided to leave it up for an extra 40 days.

Or maybe the person who does the displays was laid off sometime around February 14th. That seems more likely, sadly.

6 thoughts on “Love is in the Air at the Post Office

  1. Personally, I’m a little upset that I did not receive any Mailing Labels for Valentine’s Day this year. Hmph.

  2. My 9 yr old ds has just found your Resisty pattern. He’s been zipping through it since Monday. This is such a great pattern for a little guy learning how to read a pattern, increasing, decreasing and color changing for the first time. The frequent color and diameter changes make for that “I’ll just knit one more row” encouragement.

    Thanks for a great pattern.

    (I’d have posted this comment on your Resisty entry, but comments for that post were closed)

  3. I wish my post office bothered to make a cute display!

    I finished the first pattern I ever bought from you yesterday, I have a picture on my blog it was also my first attempt at circular knitting, and bar a few tiny mistakes I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Thanks for making and awesome pattern, xXx

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