Some New Musics

The idea of going to SXSW was again tempting to me this year, but when I really thought about it, it would probably have been tons of waiting in lines (which I hate), loud noises (which I dislike), and standing in one place for hours at a time (which makes me woozy). So instead this year I sifted through A.V. Club and Pitchfork coverage, and came up with a few bands that I’m planning to be a fan of. These are they:

The Rural Alberta Advantage
I just bought their new (and first) album Hometowns. Everyone will like these Canadians.

Titus Andronicus
Nice punkly pop.

The Black & White Years
They are compared to Talking Heads a lot. They are also from Austin, which seems like a nice place to visit most of the year.

Parenthetical Girls
I just broke down and bought their 2008 album Entanglements. (I was planning to wait for a special occasion, but oh well.) It’s strange and silly and I love it. (You’ll probably hate it.)

4 thoughts on “Some New Musics

  1. That was pretty strange. I loved the girl with her violin, how she didn’t really even play it barely. I was mesmerized the entire time. I could barely blink.

  2. My boyfriend and I decided that Parenthetical Girls sounds sort of like a happy-creepy version of Xiu Xiu, and also that we like it. You should make a trip to Chicago for Pitchfork Festival, not that it solves the lines/loud noises problem, but I’ll be there and The Jesus Lizard are playing their first show in ten years on the same day as Built to Spill!! Check it out:
    The set lists are a little sketchy right now, but it looks like it’ll be a good one!

    We’re digging The Pains of Being Pure at Heart right now, you should give them a listen!!

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