To Oklahoma!

Unlike my other trips, this time lots of toys are coming with me! Including this work in progress, who will be making a Mochimochi Land debut sometime this spring.


Update: I made it to Tulsa, but unfortunately my little WIP guy did not, along with the rest of my checked baggage. Let’s hear it for carry-ons.

Another Update: My bag is here, only 34 hours late! Let’s hear it for wearing your own underwear again.

11 thoughts on “To Oklahoma!

  1. It must be an octopus! I can tell. :P (of course, I say that, and I’m probably wrong. . .but I can guess, right?)

  2. I know! I know! But I’ll keep it a secret. I hope he makes it back home. He will be lonely out in the world all by himself with only your clothes to keep him company…

  3. They have no idea what precious cargo they have misplaced…
    Didn’t you have a direct flight? Strange that they would lose your luggage on just one leg. I hope your it shows up soon!

  4. I Know I know! Its either a SSMMLT (Super Secret Mochi Mochi Land Toy) OR a SSMMLTTWHFSOOHOHH! (Super Secret Mochi Mochi Land Toy That Will Have Flowers Sticking Out Of His Or Her Head!)

  5. It’s sooo cute! That stinks about your baggage though. I don’t think any of my family’s luggage has gotten lost, but I am not sure.

  6. Hopefully your luggage will turn up and soon. I’ve always been really lucky. I cannot even remember the last time I went on a trip and had more than my carryon bag. Of course, that makes for one heavy carryon bag just barely scraping by the weight limit and a really limited selection of clothes.

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