A Pile of Pups

Only one more class to go in my Illustrator course, and I’m afraid I haven’t been practicing as much as I should be. But I’m still very excited about the application and all the crazy cool stuff you can do with it. Especially 3D effects!


This is a kind of preview of the next pattern I’ll be releasing in the Mochimochi Shop. Finally, a stacking pet for dog lovers! I think the illustration more or less looks like the knitted version, except less knitted and soft. (And grass is not included.)

For some reason, I’m suddenly feeling an urge to make stacking animals out of blocks of cheese. This sounds like a lot of fun to me at 1:20 in the morning. If only I knew an animal lover who was hosting a whimsical wine-tasting party.

6 thoughts on “A Pile of Pups

  1. Awww – stackable pups would be awesome! In knitted or cheese format. Damn, now I want Stilton :)

  2. It reminds me of the colorful erasers I was rabid about collecting when I was in grade school. I can’t wait to see them knitted.

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