Look Around You

Here is a new (to me) television show that I’m pretty excited about. Look Around You is a British spoof on early 1980s educational science shows, done in a deadpan style that is totally spot-on. (Anybody remember 321 Contact?) Most of the people I’ve mentioned it to haven’t seen it, so I thought I would post a clip here.

The show originally aired in the UK a few years back, and it’s now being shown in the US on Adult Swim. (The later episodes include a cast of friendly hosts, but I think I prefer the documentary-style episodes like the one above.)

4 thoughts on “Look Around You

  1. I LOVE Look Around You! It’s a great show. You’re right though, not many people have heard of it. Thanks for posting about it.

  2. ahhh… eight spiders need eight spider shoes, costing an eighthpence.

    look around you is utter genius. Series two is a bit ropey but I have the dvd of series one and still find it impossible to watch the first three or four episodes without crying with laughter, even after many, many repeated viewings!

    glad you like it, I never thought it would work really over there. I’ve played it to friends from the US before and they’ve not found it funny at all. I guess it depends on the kind of science education you’ve had…

    stop fighting now.

  3. I thought that was HILARIOUS–will definitely be looking into more. It’s also pretty much how math seemed to me, mathmatically-challenged, in school. You put several random things together and get something else, usually something crazy like invisibility.

  4. Yeah, 321 Contact was one of my childhood staples. Right in there with Fraggle Rock, Zoobilee Zoo and my personal favorite, Today’s Special.

    Oh, the internets. Constantly helping me reconnect with the child I once was.

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