Only Somewhat Disappointing Botan Rice Candy Stickers

You might remember that the last few stickers I got with purchase of Botan Rice Candy were extremely disappointing. In spite of that negative experience, I was feeling lucky during a recent trip to Pearl River Mart, so I picked up a few more boxes.


The doggie chasing a soccer ball is certainly an improvement over the illustrated comic book sound effects that I got last time, but a DUPLICATE poolside penguin? Such a repeat is a Botan first for me. Also, although his eyewear is obviously meant to be swimming goggles, it reminds me too much of sunglasses, and sunglasses on animals is never cute. (Now I will get letters, I know.)

Overall, a mediocre sticker experience this time. But the candy was soft and delicious.

7 thoughts on “Only Somewhat Disappointing Botan Rice Candy Stickers

  1. the penguin thinks he is Morpheus (from The Matrix). kind of funny, but definitely not cute.

    a long time ago one of my cousins gave me some animal stickers. I like animals. I like stickers. but I didn’t like these. I didn’t know why, but now that I think of it, they all were wearing sunglasses. I think you are on to something.

  2. My stickers have been excellent so far. I got 2 fish with bubbles and a heart between them and pink plum blossoms on a yellow background. My question about your penguin is what is holding on his goggles? Magic? A little more accuracy might be nice….. At least the candy was good.

  3. :( At least it was a small improvement. I mean… the doggy is cute. That penguin though… hm.

  4. It’s not hard to make a penguin look cute. But this is one of the more uncute penguins I’ve seen. Maybe they were trying for non-cuteness, it looks almost on purpose.

  5. ohh botan rice candy, how i love you and your strange stickers…
    these are a definite improvement on the last ones you got. and that is so true about the sunglasses on animals thing! I never thought about it before…

  6. Botan are good, but have you tried White Rabbits yet? Those are to die for. Addictive little baddies :-)

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