Picture-Perfect Pups

It turns out that Pile-able Pups come in more than one breed!

Grace of Kathryn Ivy whipped up a lovely set of neapolitan-flavored dogs…


She was nice enough to blog about the project in detail, with lots of wonderful photos.

Lisamarykay1 proved that a single Pile-able Pup can be just as cute on its own. Especially if it has some treats to keep it company!


This guy looks a little like a cross between a dog and a seal, no? So cute!

I say this a lot, but it’s always such a thrill to see other knitters’ results from my patterns. Can’t wait to see what other varieties of pups pop up!

Thank you to Grace, Lisa and Alice for your testing help!

8 thoughts on “Picture-Perfect Pups

  1. Yay! First comment! idea idea wouldn’t it be super awesome-mazing-licious-ness to knit those dog treats? (And now I want ice cream. Normally, looking at knit stuff doesn’t make me hungry…)

    Much loves, .littleknitter.

  2. They are super cute!

    Of course, I haven’t finished the donkey and elephant yet, so I need to wait on making these. But so cute and doggies! They moved right up to the top of my must-knit list.

  3. Love the Neopolitan-ey pups. What a cute color combination and idea. I want to eat them up!

  4. There is a dog bone pattern on Ravelry called “Fetch!” It was on the designers blog. There kinda bigger than dog treats though…

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