Plants vs Zombies

Here is a new game from PopCap in which you plant cute plants that kill funny zombies, some of which wear pylons on their heads. I got to play it for about ten minutes last night, then John physically removed me from his computer.


It’s available as a download for Mac or PC for $20.

8 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies

  1. I played out my 60 minutes and really want to buy it, but I’m trying to hold off.

    It’s great.

    You should create a knitted zombie. Seriously.

  2. I had to play it for an hour as well… I have 1 minute left of my trial. But $20? That is too much. A very fun game though :)

  3. I might possibly have been late to work this morning as the result of shooting zombies with plants. Just possibly. (heh – it’s a very cute game, though).

  4. I think you should be doing reviews on Crispy Gamer! Maybe your reviews aren’t as in-depth but they usually make me want to try the game you’re talking about.

  5. My husband got it for me (and himself) last weekend for Mother’s Day and it is totally worth $20. It’s a blast!! I finished the Adventure and am working through all the puzzles, mini-games, and challenge levels. PopCap makes the best games – have you tried Peggle?

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