Seedy Update

I haven’t yet gotten around to typing up a pattern for Seedy, but in the meantime, purpgee2000 has posted a pattern for a reversible Seedling inspired by Seedy on Poison Cupcake Knits. Very cute!


5 thoughts on “Seedy Update

  1. Wait…Is Purpgee2000 one of your pattern testers? Because I volunteered to be a tester when you posted “Testers Needed” and I never got a reply back…Was I supposed to get a reply back? I really want to test one (or ten!!) of your patterns! There all so cute!

  2. LOVE how purpgee2000 posted the pattern for Seedling, then you posted the pictures for us, Anna!! Thank you ^_^

  3. Seedling is adorable, but a pattern for Seedy would also be nice. .paco.woodstock.

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