Anthropomorphic Window

I made this guy last month as an experiment. It was an interesting project, but a little chaotic with all the colors.


I made a couple more, then decided I was finished with the project. Too stressful! I’m going to save my pictorial ideas for cross-stitch, I think.

13 thoughts on “Anthropomorphic Window

  1. I LOVE this!! Wouldn’t it be a wonderful birthday present for someone who has a birthday in, say, August?

  2. aw! he’s so cute tho… is that a kitty peaking in him? wait, that sorta blows my mind! if the kitty is outside then we’re inside, but the outside is inside of mr. window? whoa. ;)

  3. Oh I don’t know, I would buy this pattern. I love him, he’s very cute! And like Seanna Lea said, no need to worry about a neat back with this colorwork, bonus!

  4. Oh wow! This looks like it would be a fun intsaria project. I’ve been looking for something small to try it with (so I don’t feel guilty for wasting yarn if it’s a disaster and I can’t frog it).

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